vrijdag, september 23, 2011


Sorry for the long time of silence here.

Dont have the time and will to contine this page.

Check out my FB or Soundcloud Jamendo for latest sounds/updates

Thx for the support and take care

zaterdag, februari 19, 2011

[Ambient] Katharian Eklipse

[CD010] The Sound of the Underground

You know the deal: old skool sounds for old farts...

No L'Oreal or make-up used in this recording

Jamendo download

Higher 24bit aiffs files here:
CD010 High res

dinsdag, februari 09, 2010



Manual search: Septic Underground in Alt.Binaries.sounds.mp3.techno

MP3 Catalogue of released albums & EP's: 147 tracks, all known & previously released tracks!
Downloadable via Usenet due to its large filesize 1.82GB included parset.

All tracks come with cover-artwork, ID3tags and in high 320 kbs mp3 encoded fromat.

This will make the collection almost as complete as can be...you only miss the unreleased tracks/albums, video and artworks that came on the earlier released DVD, that one is only available on request.

vrijdag, december 11, 2009

[CD008] End of Days

Fellow Warriors,

This will be probably the last of the techno & elektro albums for a long time to come.
I am moving more into soundscapes/ambient and ethnic influenced triphop alike stuff.

Also I am busy with a rock/metal prject that sits between Krautrock like Can and Neu! but also extreme black metal and US crossover hardcore, well aint that interesting?! :P

A muslimgauze alike release will come after this one I think, and then...........

Ok, cut the crap.

This End of Days release consists of some uncompromising hard elektro and techno tracks that sits between Industrial & Gabber subgenres and the particular Dutch Elektro sound. It is no dancemuzic although it would fit well on an meth/angel dust afterparty I think. Or as a soundtrack for Global ThermoNuklear War. Although it start rather slow and not that hard it develops into the harder stuff.

Feel free to download and spread the shit around.

zondag, september 20, 2009

[SPACE] Spees - IFM3 special edit.mp3

zSHARE - Spees - IFM3 special edit.mp3

This one is custom made for IntergalacticFM.com, your no1 internet radio station.
A mix of R.M.I., Schülze and Fabio Frizzi spheres/influences incl Torture and Chain sounds :)

This download is for the ppl wanting it in hi res MP3

zaterdag, augustus 29, 2009

[ARAB TRIPHOP] Septic Underground - Mesmeroid.mp3

zSHARE - Septic Underground - Mesmeroid.mp3

Muslimgauze alike triphop filtered arab sounds

only some drums, 2 synth layers and a MF101, all live ofc :)

vrijdag, augustus 28, 2009

[Noodle] 280809

zSHARE - Noodle280809-Septic MP3.mp3

Moog Voyager
Moog CP251/VX351
Wiard Wogglebug
Line6 Echo Pro
Line6 Verbzilla

Self evolving

dinsdag, augustus 25, 2009

New EP from the most recent rhythm tracks...

vrijdag, augustus 14, 2009

[GEAR] Moogs + Patchbay

click pics for bigger views


I did add some moogerfoogers (lowpass filter + RingMod) so that the Schippmann wont be eating my drums only, now i can freely switch between them.

Added a patchpanel (samson s-patch+) its fully hooked up right away.

Schippmann Ebbe und Flüt
Wiard Wogglebug 300
Moog MF101
Moog MF102

those are all hooked up at the rear.
At the front: above row are the sources, lower row is the CV destinations, faily easy and handy.

I added a sticker on it so I can never mistake myself :P

vrijdag, juli 24, 2009

[NEWS]New Setup and more

Well I did reset the whole studio the last weeks, mainly for making more space for jamming and make a new tweakcorner.

The pictures says it all I think...

New Highlghts:

Akai MPK49 controllerkeybaord with internal Arpegiator and Note Repeat MPC style, wow this fucker is built to stand a nuclear war...the sliders are big aswell jeezz..Great purchase, arps is rocksolid in syncing and the notes are dead on the miditiming ...hallelujah..

Next are the Moog CP251 and VX351 CV processor and Voyager CV Output expander....I had to install a subboard firast into my Moog Voyager, thats went all okay. Done in 10 min...great...Assembling the rackmount kit was a bit more work, motherfucking skrews were tight as hell...I did put the AC inlet on the back So I had to swap some wires internally...all worked out great, awesome.

Latest addition is the Schippmann Music Ebbe und Flüt MK2 filterbank, wtf, this is really a device I wanted for a few years now and it is just what I expected and more!!!...

Here is a quick tryout of the Schippman processing my drums and a Moog bassline + echo, nothing more.

Satanikon V1

......thats all for now....

vrijdag, juli 03, 2009

[NEW GEAR]Wiard Wogglebug

Major switching going on at Apocalypse Control Room!

I decided to plunge into the modular abbyss, or should I say labyrynth?

Although it has been tempting for many years, I was always relunctant to actually set the step and do it. Mainly because I dont like having 3 zillion cables laying around and I dont like getting tangled up like a VietCong boodytrap in a maze of wires.

After looking around a bit I narrowed the choice down to 3 brands:

1. Wiard
2. Buchla 200e series
3. Serge Shoppanels and M-Class panels.

But lucky me, those are also the most obscure and expensive ones lol...But Hell, we dont take 2nd grade stuff into the studio anymore :P

I decided to go Wiard 300, mainly because the patchpoints are all below on the frontplates, so I dont clutter myself up in the wiring and patching and tweaking...The fact, that most of the modules are dual, and many patchpoints on each of em, makes them very versitle and compact. In fact, all things considered, they arent that expensive when you know whats combined in one module alone.

This is a quick demo of it:

zSHARE - Eno-wokkel-Septic MP3.mp3

This demonstrates the Wogglebug into a Moog Voyager with some S&H and Pitch modulation.

Each Wiard 300 series Woggelbug has the following building blocks:

2 x LFO
4 x S&H
4 x Lag Processor
2 x RingMod

Clockrate and Step inputs for each of the Woggles, remember, 2 are in the module

Each Woggle-circuit has: (WOG 1 WOG 2)

Audio out:

CV Out:
S&H step

Besides that the global module has 2 RM outputs called Childtone 3 and 4, and they can be tweaked further more via the clustering controls or by inputing CV in Disturb CV1 and or CV2 input.....

Now I am looking for more of em, dont hesitate to mail or contact me if you see any up for sale :P

woensdag, juni 17, 2009

maandag, juni 08, 2009

[Anarchocalyptic Elektro]Mayhem

Here is the MP3 of the DEMO entry I sent to the IFM Demo Contest 2009....
Now available as download

Septic Underground - Mayhem (Demo version)

It was aired in the May Demo Month on IntergalacticFM
It was meant as a totally over the top track. No subtle breaks, mixing or mastering orso, just raw as phuck. I imagined many Italo and Happy Diskotunes would be sent in, and that some punklike gabber elektro track would balance it a bit ;)

Elektro from the lowest shelf! :P

donderdag, mei 14, 2009

[CD 007] Infernål Krypt Violators

This are the tracks that didnt make it to the Underground Release Series 1-5, but I made a album of it, mainly for backup reasons. Like before free MP3 download... here is sendspace link ->

Here is the sendspace MP3 Album download


zaterdag, mei 09, 2009

[90s House track] Polyp

Well the insiders will know where that trackname is coming from hehe...
This track was made by accident, and i kinda liked it so i recorded it for the masses :)

Its got that 90s strinsg and a TB303 Bassline, semi rave breakbeats and so. I only forgot to turn on my tubegear and multiband masterunit, so it may be not a sPHAT as usual, but that only adds to the charms of it :P

copy paste to download ::::> http://www.sendspace.com/file/db8eck

dinsdag, april 14, 2009

[MP3 re-issue] Desolations in Paradise

Well this is CD002 for free listen and download: enjoy


Well, I can tell a very long story here, but just let the music do the talking.

Enjoy, it's a wide mix of electronic styles like acid, elektro, techno, ambient and more. These are no dancetracks or so, I see it more as music to listen to, or while driving your Chevy tru the ghetto with the bass pumping hard!

donderdag, april 02, 2009

[MP3 re-issue] Interstellar Travel Agency

Well, just for as long as sendspace holds it up, here is CD001 in MP3 format.
Hope you enjoy, this was the first in line of my CD releases.


A couple of years ago I decided to spread some CDs with the recordings I made after many years of just tweaking with synths and doing it only for myself, I made many tapes in the 90s, (amigas & trackers) but I took untill 2007 to release a full blown CD. The albums were released as audioCD under the name Septic Underground Release 1-5.
Everything is homemade by myself and since online/digital technology has evolved in a way that I can really do everything myself for releasing stuff. Without shady recordsbossen, backstabbing PR agents, moneyhungry dealers and pushers.

In my opinion music has NOTHING to do with moneymaking. So here is it free for the underground scene.
This series were a mix of many electronic styles. Acid, Techno, Gabber, Ambient, Italo, Trance, SoundFX, you name it, its on it :)

It's very raw and unpolished stuff, because it wasnt meant to storm the charts... Most of them are just livetakes I made in the studio. There is no multitracking and after editing evolved.


Feel free to spread it around, as long as you dont edit the titles :)

woensdag, april 01, 2009

[Music for Massacres] New Album!!


Well i ain't stopping now :P

This is a compilation of very dark and moody sounds, it is no partymusic, but a pure inwards trip across time and space.
It contains the most introvertand psyched out tracks I made the last years and were not previously released (except the Bee Drone)

Here is the download, sorry for the Sendspace hassle, but hey, it's a free album...


No beats or fancy 16c arpegiators. This real anti-Prozac audio , from beyond even dead itself.......

maandag, maart 30, 2009

[Legacy of Doom] Underground Release Series Comp.

I just archived the first 6 CD releases into one archive sorted by release. All have the LowLife SoundSystem™ Patented mastering and ID3 tags , hi quality MP3s. Including some bonus material. Its on a DVD disk. Just for referencing and incrowd distrubution....

I am thinking about it to distribute it into the underground scene at a costprice without the to be released stuff only legacy material...

[EDIT} ok, ppl wanting it, can contact me here (or via myspace/septicstudio) or on RobotsforRobots.net for a copy. Only DVD + Legacy of Doom cover in a envelope...

zondag, maart 29, 2009

zaterdag, maart 28, 2009

[Dark Ambient] Ambinoid

[DARK AMBIENT] Ambinoid 001

Heavy influenced by the movie Exorcist II : The Heretic